Our Programs

Heat Smart Southern Tier

HSST is a NYSERDA-funded community outreach program by NEST that provides information and education on how clean energy technologies work, what incentives and financing are available, and connects you to local heating and cooling and energy efficiency contractors to take the next step, which is to get a free assessment.

Southern Tier Solar Works

STSW is NEST’s solar energy outreach and marketing program. We work across the region to spur affordable and efficient deployment of solar, by helping to inform you about solar technologies, policies, and incentives, and support on-site and community shared solar.

Binghamton Community Power

BCP is a local coalition lead by NEST and focused on

  • energy education for community leadership development
  • engagement for community empowerment
    clean energy solutions for working class communities
  • advocating for clean energy policies that serve all, regardless of income or zip code

Our initial focus is in environmental justice communities in the City of Binghamton.

Community Solar

NEST is currently working in collaboration with Citizen’s Energy to develop a community solar project based out of Dickinson, New York. Community solar allows you to subscribe to clean energy without installation! The Dickinson project will help NYSEG customers with low income save 20% on their energy bill.

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